Creative Visualization

 Creative Visualization 

One of my (and my clients') favorite tools to use when in a stressful situation is creative visualization.  Like any new habit or skill, this will require practice.  

You might feel anxiety in specific situations suck as:

  • being in a dentist's chair 
  • waiting on test results
  • getting lab work done
  • driving in bad weather
  • and many other "triggers"

Or you may feel anxious for no reason at all. 

Here are step by step directions for creative visualization.  

Yes, I speak anxiety

    A person called me recently and asked  if I worked with anxious clients and if I was familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy. She read on the Internet that CBT is the go-to method for anxiety reduction.  Here is some information to learn more about CBT.

Fractures and Worry

Ten years ago, my life changed in an instant.  I fractured 3 bones in my right ankle, which required surgery, physical therapy and a long recovery.  To this day, I see the disfigurement of my ankle and the scars from the surgery.  I check YES on medical forms now when asked if I have any implants as I have a plate with several screws on my right side and two long screws on the other side of my ankle.  I could have these removed, but they don’t bother me any longer.

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