How do I know it's time to get counseling?

How do you decide when it is time to see a therapist?

This is a common question-and the answer is both simple and complex. Some people are more open to getting help from a complete stranger and others may not be comfortable with this.  It takes courage to contact a therapist and an important first step on your road to wellness. 

These are some things I have I heard from clients when I ask them:  why did you decide to come in for help now?

  • My family and/or friends have suggested that I talk to someone
  • I feel like my family/friends have heard more than they want to know about  my problems and I don’t want to burden them
  • No one knows I am thinking about seeing a therapist, not even my spouse, I don’t know how to talk about my problems with them
  • We have tried everything and nothing has helped.
  • I was in counseling when I was a teenager and I think it’s time to get more help.
  • We fight all the time
  • I can’t stop crying
  • My kids are driving me crazy!
  • I figured out I am gay and I don’t know how to tell my family
  • When I talk about my problems, I want to be listened to and my friends try to fix me.

It’s time for counseling when you need someone to listen to you without judgment or expectation.  It is your time, to talk about you.   I’ll help you find new ways to look at your problems. Together, we’ll tease out the complex and tangled up issues and make sense of them.

When your problems get in the way of your every day life, and you feel that your usual support systems have become overloaded by your problems, that’s when to find a therapist.   It is a gift you can give to yourself.