Time for YOU



What do you do when you feel your life has gotten out of control?  What self care activities do you enjoy?


You  can feel low energy, depressed, lonely despite being busy.  What is that about?  My working theory is you may not have carved time for you in your  schedule.  It’s important to find the balance between care for others and care for yourself.

What is self care?  It’s simply  taking care to meet your needs-spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  How this plays out is up to you.  Be in the moment of self care, stop thinking of what you need to do or ‘should’ do.  Take that time just to be you, for you.

Here are some ideas for self care:



get a massage

spend time outside


arts and craft activities

go to a museum

listen to music



 I went swimming today, just for me!  What self care activity will you be doing today?