A summer of changes

One summer morning last year, I woke up feeling better.  Feeling better implies not feeling great and that is when I realized there was some depression lurking in my life.

I took a step back and saw what was going on.  I recognized  that there were losses and situations I had no control over.  There was only one event that I chose, and the others involved people dear to me.

I terminated a lifelong toxic relationship, a gift to myself when I hit a landmark birthday.  Even though I chose this path, I grieved the loss of the good parts.  

A couple I care deeply about separated and there is a very special child in the mix dealing with the fallout.  

Someone I love was depressed.  I was able to  listen and support but could not fix the situations they endured. 

I have an elderly parent who is bravely dealing with the frailties of a body that doesn’t do what it used to while having a sharp mind. My parent’s world has shrunk and this is frustrating to all. 

Accumulated losses can add up to depression, and I realized I was not invulnerable to this.  I was grateful I caught it before it deepened.  Taking corrective measures, including self care of many different varieties freed me up to to enjoy the rest of year.

Has this happened to you, a depression that took you by surprise?