Can you love winter?

Old man winter has his grips on us this year.  It seems once the snow melts from the last storm, a fresh layer of snow appears.  Schools in my town have been canceled frequently the past few weeks, either due to the extreme cold temperatures or the snow which makes driving hazardous. Feeling cozy and warm at home can turn to cabin fever when the weather seems to be one endless storm after another.

I’ve heard grumblings from clients and friends about how this winter is brutal. Activities of all sorts are canceled or postponed. Parents scramble to arrange child care or have to make arrangements to stay home with their children.  Some people are getting depressed from the short days, which often are overcast. Sun in our neck of the woods is an infrequent visitor.  

How you look at winter can affect your mood. Complaining about the weather creates more negativity, so what else is there to do? 

People who live in the far northern climates handle the cold, snowy weather differently, in a more positive light. We can change how we look at winter by examining their lives/attitudes. 

They embrace it. They go outside and play in it.  Just taking a ten minute walk in the middle of the day can turn around a bad mood. Preparing for the cold can help make winter more user friendly.  Dressing in layers, warm socks and boots will help keep you comfortable outdoors. Don’t forget your mittens, hat and scarf!

Skiing, either cross country or downhill are activities to explore in the region.  Snowshoeing is something you can do right out your front door. Playing outside with your children can be a great  cold weather family activity. Sledding, building a snow family or even a snowball fight are all fun ways to burn off some energy and spend some time together. 

If you have children that are home from school and restless, set up baby sitting exchanges with your friends who are in the same boat.  Find creative ways to be indoors with your children by doing  arts and crafts, games and cooking with your children.  

Spring will be here before you know it and you may find yourself looking forward to next winter’s snow!