When you are looking for someone to help, it is always good to know that the person you have found is the best person for you. Knowing that your comfort with my services starts here, I want to let you know a little more about my specialties. I have tremendous experience with all of the following, and their related concerns.


Depression - Feeling sad for more than two weeks? You might be depressed. I help you develop some skills to cope with everyday problems.

Anxiety or Fears - Everyone has fears and anxieties. When they get in the way of your daily life, that's when they become a problem. I can help you develop a toolbox of skills to manage the fears and anxieties that are in your way.

GLBTQ Issues - Modern society and small town life can be very stressful for the GLBTQ community. I provide a non-judgmental environment for you to explore issues that you might be facing.

Divorce - Sometimes people grow apart. The divorce process can be lonely, scary and confusing. I am here to give you a safe place to figure out what comes next.

Loss or Grief - Few people are fully prepared to deal with when faced with sudden or expected loss or grief. I can help you walk down the path to the future.

Parenting - Parenting in the 21st century presents new challenges. Let us develop some techniques together that will work for you, and your family.